Independent Rides



These routes were originally set up for the National rally in Morpeth, in 2013, and therefore start and finish in Morpeth. But, with a bit of map-juggling, you should be able to make use of them if you start elsewhere.  We might add to this portfolio over time. The hope is that Norton Owners will wish to get to know this region, and here is a great way to do it!

These runs are not detailed route plans. You also need to use a road map.   Some routes are very lonely indeed.  Make sure your machine is fit.  Be aware that any activity proposed or organized by the  Norton Owners Club does not preclude obedience to road traffic, license and insurance  regulations.

There are three possible long runs listed here.  The  “Kielder and Hermitage” run includes a possible even longer loop which really is a long day out.

There is also a list of possible local destinations worth a visit,  providing shorter trips. (If you want to make a printed “route sheet” out of any of the following documents, if you open the document, and shade it.  You can then do a “copy” and “paste” into a blank page in MS “Word”)

For these runs and the list click on:

 Kielder and Hermitage

Over the border and round the back of the Cheviots. 

Big Hill Country: North Pennines.

Places of interest